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Thank you for your interest in reserving Oakridge Pool for your private party. We are pleased to offer the pool facility as an added benefit to the members only. Please review the contract carefully. 

Private parties can be held on Saturdays or Sundays only, from 7-9 pm or 7-10 pm. 


The financial arrangements are as follows:


  1. $125.00 for the rental of the pool and facility


  1. $25.00 deposit in a separate check [to be returned if the pool area is left clean at the end of the party and no additional lifeguard clean up is required.]


  1. Lifeguard Fee [See Chart]

Rates are determined by the number of swimmers. Please expect a few additions in case families bring other siblings or the adults decide to swim too.




STEP 1    Call Kelley Mendoza at 440-376-7783 to select your date. 


STEP 2    Once lifeguards have been confirmed, send 2 checks [A and B above] within 7 days of booking your party. This reserves your date. If you know the lifeguard fee, you may combine the $125 rental and the lifeguard fee into 1 check and mail it with the separate deposit and the signed contract (Step 3 below).

        Send check(s) to: 8840 Greenwood Road, NR, 44133.


STEP 3    Review the Lifeguard Fee Chart. Sign the contract and mail or drop off 1 copy with your payment to: 8840 Greenwood Road, NR 44133. The lifeguard fee money is due at least 15 days prior to your party date. Failure to do so will result in making the date available for the next family waiting for an opening. Your $125.00 [previously sent] will be returned in full.


Thank you again for your interest! Feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Kelley Mendoza


OESC Trustee



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